Ok, let’s talk about photographers. Specifically, let’s talk about really good photographers that are tearing it up right now (in the best possible way) by doing something really unique and creative with what they have in front of them. The bleedin’ French seem to be right on top of things right now on the creativity front. Even more specifically, let’s talk about a young gent called Grégoire Alexandre



Or…. let’s not talk about him too much, let’s just look at his picture and bask in their majesty for a while. (Sorry for the small-ness of the images, check out his website for bigger things…). His site is a bit information-light, but I can confirm he is both French and about 27yrs old. And probably a nice guy.

It’s so easy to set up all your lights and get a stunning girl in front of the camera and snap away. It takes imagination and spark to create props and scenery like Grégoire does. And that. Is why he is so great at what he does. Because he appears to have it in bundles.

I give to you….. Grégoire Alexandre