Seems like a while back now. Also seems a lot like we should have blog’d about this a while ago, beens as one of our esteemed number curated, hosted and shot the whole thing. But, such is the rampant and regular delays on this blog, we’re only just getting around to it. Or rather, I’m only just getting round to it. Now.

Okay, to celebrate the first massive months of the launch of the Architectural Photography branch of clickclick towers, clickclickjim, we decided to have a party at the flat and invite all my cohorts and collaborators (and clients) along to have a few drinks, listen to some music and get some proper photos done did as I set up some lights in one corner of the room and snapped away. Great fun was had by all, my arm was a couple of times bigger after lugging that flash head and ringflash about but it was more than worth it.

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You can see a few more over at the webiste, here.

Thanks to all who came.