I don’t know what I prefer. The idea. The fact someone carried out. Or the design of the packaging.

Brooklyn went and got itself a Superhero Supply Store (372 Fifth), stocking such Superhero essentials as X-Ray vision in a bottle, 1 Gallon of Gravity, Oxygen Gum, Canned Chaos (my favourite) and the Antidote. Everything the budding superhero could ask for.




The whole thing is a front orchestrated by 826NYC, a non-profit organisation that exists to encourage high school kids to write creatively and to inspire teachers to encourage this further. That just makes it even more brilliant! There’s a secret door (of course) in the store that leads to an area filled up with kids reading, learning and doing all kinds of good what-not under the supervision of the 826NYC staff and tutors.

Mindblowing. I believe (I beleive…) Sam Potts Inc. is responsible for the design. If that’s true, bloody well done Sam Potts Inc.