A lot of people who know me in Brighton know that I run an occasional old school hip-hop night up in the Hope on Queens Road. A lot of people I know probably don’t know this as well, and are probably quite surprised to hear about it. I say it’s occasional, because we haven’t done it in a while, but we’ve got a great band of merry DJs who really know there stuff. At the last one, we promised a bunch of breakers they would get in for free (and I’d buy them a drink) if they came along and did their thing. They didn’t turn up though, which is a shame because we’d taped down some cardboard for them especially.

Anyways, maybe we should have made up some of these great card models instead, by Raphael Gatt


This was found on Ward Jenkins’ blog, which is great. He does great illustration work, but is (wisely) protective enough about it for me not to grab an image and paste it here. I’ll have to trust you enough that you’ll headhere or…here to check out some of his work.