Alrighty. How is everyone? This time around, there as a damn good reason for me not posting for a while. As opposed to the normal reasons for forgetting etc etc. I’ve been in Paris! And in a wonderful marketing world where I’m trying to push my new business onto everyone. We had our first advert on Spanish radio yesterday!

But anyway, this isn’t about me, it’s about you and its about damn bloody good design. So let’s get on.

Out in China, they’ve been building a series of pavilions on the banks of the River Yiwu, in the Jinhua Architecture Park. 16 architects from all over the world have been bought together by artist and curator Ai Wei Wei and the results look pretty good. It’s all dedicated to his father, Ai Qing, the Chinese poet extraordinaire. This seems to be somewhat en vogue in Asia at the moment – the idea of getting several architects together to design different buildings all on one site. It’s nothing new, but it is very very exciting.

These photos are by Iwan Baan who is almost certainly the best Architectural Photography working in the field today and his website is well worth checking out.



Saw this on Space Invading – probably my favourite website at the moment (except for mine)