Every second person in Brighton owns a camera. Actually, every person in Brighton owns a camera. There’s more than a handful that are better than me probably, but there’s only a handful who I like, definitely.

Anyways, DarkDaze is always someone who I’ve liked and I’m sure there’ll be space on this blog for my to do a post about him sometime soon. I had the pleasure of doing one of his lighting courses last year, along with three top fellas, one of whom has gone on to set up Garage Studios with Kev (DarkDaze) – a great addition to Brighton, fantastic studio space in the North Laines. From regularly checking their fine website, I came across Louie Banks, who did a shoot there with DarkDaze.

Is whippersnapper slightly condescending? Especially coming from a (pretty young) 27 year old? Well, lets not use that word then. Mr Banks is first and foremost one of those photographers in Brighton I like a lot, a damn fine photographer, seems like a nice bloke, and only 17 years old! Talented, young, nice bloke. What a bastard! Check out his stuff and remember the name!