I’d like to try some of these Newton Running Shoes (ahem, trainers) – apparently they took 15 years to make. Sort of like Chinese Democracy then. But apparently they are actually quite good and are designed to mimic the good bits of running barefoot whilst eliminating the risk of treading on sharp objects or in unsavoury bits and bobs.

The reason I bring them up here though, is because of the ambitious and brilliant packaging TDA came up with for them.


Its great, and eco-friendly (although I think everything may be eco-friendly these days). Like egg-boxes for shoes. Unfortunately is was ridiculously expensive as you can’t stack them like normal boxes, so shipping was through the roof. Newton had to abandon them, but fair play to them and to TDA for trying. They’ve reverted back to the traditional style, still all eco-friendly though.


Found on the designboom blog.