Dow Jones Architects and Arup have come up with “Rubbish In – Resources Out”, a pretty fancy idea of placing new buildings in strategic points around London to deal with the fact that by 2020 London is supposed to be 85% self-sufficient in terms of waste. The buildings will house a number of advanced waste handling technologies all with fancy pseudo-futuristic names like “gasification plants”.

This isn’t that exciting per se, the exciting bit comes in the idea that these monolithic buildings make no apologies for what they are – they don’t hide. They (as the BD, who reported it) hint at, are the modern day equivalent of the massive industrial structures of the industrial age we now find beautiful like the power stations at Bankside and Battersea.

The two below are my favourite. “Proudly Sculptural” Gasification Plants for Super Urban Sites (in what looks like copper or steel) and Riverside Sites (in what looks like patinated copper).

Well done, Dow Jones and Arup. Thanks to the BD to.