Some time ago, when I had the free time, money and damn common sense to spend more time travelling, I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There, I shared a room with five Norwegian girls and a Danish fellow. The most predominant effect this had on my life was my short lived peculiar Anglo-Scando accent that rears its bizarre head every time I spend an extended amount of time around folk from that area (Scandonavia, not Buenos Aires). The second most predominant effect it had on my life was a new found appreciation of Carme Pinos, from a pamphlet given to me by the Dane of her Cube Tower in Guadalajara (great place name, nice place). Pinos (of Barcelona) recently did a lecture for the Architecture League on this or that and (great blog) A Daily Dose of Architecture highlighted her brilliant floor plan sketches.

Here they are now, on this blog here!

Carme Pinos, via Daily Dose