Today’s been a big day o’ phone calls and writing letters and justification for buildings I always dreamt I’d (never) be justifying. So I wanted something to fix me creative juices up and this one did just the job.


Along a similar theme to the Polish Pavilion I posted about last week, more beautiful laser-cut facades. This one is by U:Phoria and is for Orchard Road in Singapore, a competition winner no less! Where’s the great competitions in England by the way? Tutti Frutti anyone?

Anyways, its a lightweight steel frame that floats over an open space used for quiet relaxation and dining. Which all seems very nice and only serves to do two things to me – 1) Makes me want to go to Singapore for some quiet relaxation and dining; 2) Makes me want to draw stuff like this.

Great work, and an interesting a new website from U:Phoria