Sometimes you’re at work and you’ve spent so much time at your computer with a numb head, drafting out another “bill-payer” building that you feel like your eyeballs have not seen colour and excitement in such a long time that they’ve gone mushy and have melted to your monitor (which, by the way, needs replacing). Then someone sends you something so good that you spend the rest of the day dreaming up ways to go to the Shanghai Expo in 2010, even though you don’t know what the expo is for.

Ladies and Gentlemen….. The Polish Pavilion by the difficult to pronounce for my English tongue Wojciech Kakowski, Natalia Paszkowska and Marcin Mostafa.

Its been designed for the Shanghai Expo in 2010 and consists of a facade that look like a laser-cut beautifully intricate origami project on a huge scale. The most interesting thing is the way light will work on the outside and on the inside, with shadows and light shafts and the illuminated patterns. The website’s got a load more pictures. Heres one….


The Polish Pavilion