New Blog

I’ve just relaunched my Architecture + Interiors Photography website and in conjunction, over the next two week or so, this blog is going to be completely relaunched and revamped as well. We’ve about thirty or so posts in the drafts folder ready to be posted, so keep your eyes peeled!


Handmade Brighton Christmas Market

I’ve spent the day finishing off the poster for the next Handmade Brighton. It’s going to be mega – thirty-odd very talented local designers selling their wares downstairs at Komedia (Gardner St, Brighton). It’s on December 5th, from 11am ’till 4pm with free entry and you’ll pretty much be able to get all your Christmas shopping done under one roof. In one day!

Handmade 395

See you there!

Mysterious Letters

I defy any decent human being not to read these letters and have their heart-warmed, their day brightened or their face smiled. It’s a beautiful, beautiful idea and you can even get involved in the next phase over at Kickstart (which, in itself, is also a beautiful beautiful idea).

Michael and Lenka decided one day to write a letter to every person in the world, starting with Cushendall in Northern Ireland. Their letters are generally about not much at all – that isn’t intended to do a dis-service to them, as this makes the project even more momentous – that they find something new to write about with each letter.




Head on over here, for more wonderful letters and here, to get involved!

Handmade Brighton

Our Kirst organised Handmade Brighton last week (on Oct 4th) and it was a brilliant day and a great chance to meet some of Brighton’s most talented designer / makers working today. The stalls were excellent, music great and the free cakes delicious (the bar was open to, so that was pretty good)!

Here are some pics from the big day….

Handmade Brighton

Check out their blog (which looks remarkably similar to ours…..), and their facebook….

Made of Myth for Amusement

I’ve never been much into computer games. When I was a lad I had a Sega Master System II and got well into Olympic Gold and Moonwalker, but since then I’ve not really picked up the baton from my childhood. However, had I had Amusement to read, maybe I’d be more into them, because they make them look all sexy and cool, replacing the image of middle aged men playing online fantasy games in their disappointed parent’s basement, dreaming about the day Lara Croft will turn up to rescue them from it all.

This latest story, Made of Myth, reveal how early computer games weren’t created in developer’s labs, but forged and created for real in factories all over the world. The accompanying text fits the photos perfectly. Check these photos of Tetris blocks, Pong pieces and Sonic rings being created…




Made of Myth, for Amusement

Walking City

Well, let’s done talk about photography again. I’ve just spent the large part of this morning running back and forth through Walking City’s photos on flickr. This young gent is an incredible talent, his portraits, combined with landscapes, are simply beautiful and amongst the first to get me excited in a while. So clean and fresh. I stand in awe, as he’s nailed that cleanliness and it’s bleedin’ hard.

Anyway, let’s have a good look at some of Christopher’s photos….



What is hilarious about all this, is that he describes himself as “just a wee hobbyist”. Bloody hell, we’ve no chance if the hobbyists are turning out work of this quality. Great great stuff.


I’m sure everyone probably knows all about this by now and is thinking “come on, this is so Jan 2009” or whenever. But just a quick nod to Wordle, created by Jonathan Feinburg, as it is really simple and very addictive. Just upload your words, or link to a blog and it created this crazy beautiful word clouds based on frequency of use. Then you can edit the font, colour, layout etc etc. If you have a blog, you’ll be hooked. Here’s our very own clickclickpress done chucked through it….


Oh, fun. Cheers Wordle.